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Hi, I'm Natalia Gutierrez, a visionary catalyst with a growth mindset who is fulfilled and energized by helping others. This is why I decided to take my corporate experience of nearly a decade as well as my other lived experiences especially from the last year where I have been on a self-discovery journey, to empower others when it comes to their development. But before I took the leap to start this self-discovery journey, here is a bit about my career journey.

I graduated with a degree in International Business with an emphasis in Spanish and landed a job straight out of college with a well known Global Fortune 500 company, also known as Nestlé. I was part of their International Brands Division where I worked in the function of Sales Development, specializing in the development of global million dollar brands both at a national and regional level. I was able to grow and develop the brands I managed because I had a lot of passion and drive for them, and I am also a results-oriented person, makes sense why I ended up in sales 😉😄

During my time there, I was able to climb the corporate ladder and hold various roles but it wasn't easy. I had to learn how to find my voice, incorporate my style into my work, and improve upon my areas of opportunity with each new role. I did all this while being involved in everything from leadership symposiums, networking events, focus groups and much more. But most importantly I continued my development both professionally and personally, and continue to do so every day. I took advantage of every training that was offered, volunteered for projects and speaking opportunities and sought feedback - feedback is truly a gift, yes, even constructive feedback. It only makes us better, trust me.

Now, I want to offer my expertise from my experiences and learnings to guide you with your development.

If you are curious as to how I can help you don't hesitate to fill out the form towards the bottom and I will then reach out to learn more about your situation and see how we can continue your professional and personal development.

Sending you good vibes and energy! ✨💫


"Natalia has helped me achieve milestones in the workplace with her ability to breakdown a situation and give me step by step guidance, not only during interviews or resume writing, but during presentations and problem solving scenarios. I thank her for that and much more.”


Account Manager

"I am pleased to be able to recommend Natalia as a skilled career and business development professional. Her guidance, clarity, and direction helped me secure my dream job. She artfully guided me in crafting the perfect follow-up email for a job offer that had stalled. As a result, I was given the formal offer letter promised me along with a firm start date. Her focus and attention to detail made all the difference!"


Software Engineer

"I greatly appreciate Natalia's support for improving my profile on LinkedIn. She redirected my ideas, gave me advice on the usage of professional vocabulary, and the appropriate comments and posts for my profile to be robust. Thank you so much, Natalia!"


Spanish Teacher

"Natalia helped me build and organize my resume in a professional way and taught me different ways on how to prepare for interviews. She also helped me with getting familiar with LinkedIn; I learned how to make significant connections and reach out to people. She also taught me how to apply for jobs through LinkedIn. I highly recommend her ."


Undergraduate of Electrical Engineering


Career Development Session

Discuss a topic such as your resume, networking, skill set, getting the most out of LinkedIn, preparing for an interview and anything else related to your career.

💫Astrology Awareness

Discuss any part of your birth chart related to your inner 6 planets for more self-awareness.

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In this video, I walk you through my current approach (April 2021) on my pricing & thought process for career services. This video is also part of my Vlog - stay up to date with the topics & tips I cover by subscribing to my channel - search for Visionary Catalyst


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